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Mean Machines Issue 8 - May 1991

Mean Machines Issue 8 - May 1991

Issue Summary

One of videogaming's most recognizable faces was the cover star this month - back in 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog was not yet a household name, but Mean Machines was excited enough to put him on the cover! A preview of this ground-breaking Megadrive title was featured within.

Proving that Mean Machines was a magazine on the cutting edge, the tips section featured a map of Super Mario World for the Super Famicom - a console that few people at this point had seen, let alone owned.

Other worthy releases this month were Darius II (awesome shooter, worth more than 83% surely?), Midnight Resistance (ditto!) and the Super NES (then referred by the Japanese name, Super Famicom) showed early potential with the excellent Pilotwings. However, the award for the issue's highest rated game goes to Chessmaster on the Gameboy.

No, I never liked Chess either.


Reviews Summary

Nintendo Entertainment System
Game TitlePDFGenrePublisherScore
Burai FighterRead Original Review PDF for Burai FighterShoot 'Em UpNintendo79%
Days of ThunderRead Original Review PDF for Days of ThunderDriving GameMindscape39%
Iron SwordRead Original Review PDF for Iron SwordRole PlayingAcclaim77%
Sega Master System
Game TitlePDFGenrePublisherScore
Galaxy ForceRead Original Review PDF for Galaxy ForceShoot 'Em UpSega85%
Joe Montana's FootballRead Original Review PDF for Joe Montana's FootballSports GameSega65%
World Class LeaderboardRead Original Review PDF for World Class LeaderboardSports GameUS Gold92%
Nintendo Gameboy
Game TitlePDFGenrePublisherScore
ChessmasterRead Original Review PDF for ChessmasterSimulationNintendo96%
Teenage Muntant Ninja TurtlesRead Original Review PDF for Teenage Muntant Ninja TurtlesPlatform GameKonami88%
Sega Megadrive
Game TitlePDFGenrePublisherScore
AfterburnerRead Original Review PDF for AfterburnerArcade ConversionSega90%
Darius IIRead Original Review PDF for Darius IIShoot 'Em UpTaito83%
James Pond - Underwater AgentRead Original Review PDF for James Pond - Underwater AgentRole PlayingElectronic Arts79%
Midnight ResistanceRead Original Review PDF for Midnight ResistanceArcade ConversionData East84%
Sword of VermillionRead Original Review PDF for Sword of VermillionRole PlayingSega82%
Super Nintendo
Game TitlePDFGenrePublisherScore
PilotwingsRead Original Review PDF for PilotwingsSimulationNintendo90%
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