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Mean Machines Issue 6 - March 1991

Mean Machines Issue 6 - March 1991

Issue Summary

After several months of excellent Gary Harrod-produced cover art, it seems he was given a well-deserved rest for this issue. The Duck Tales image that was used may not be the most striking, but at least the game was good.

Elsewhere, both Sega machines saw a conversion of the Operation Wolf-inspired coin-op Dynamite Duke. I recall putting quite a bit of spare change into the game myself 'back in the day' and having an almost arcade-perfect version to play on my Megadrive was very pleasing. Shame it was far too easy to complete.

Aeroblasters is something of a cult classic these days but back in 1991 it was viewed by the MM team as 'just another blaster'. The Megadrive was getting bogged down with 2D shooters at the time - and not all of them were as good as Aeroblasters and Gynoug - which was also reviewed this issue and deserved a little more than 88%, in my opinion.


Reviews Summary

Nintendo Entertainment System
Game TitlePDFGenrePublisherScore
Duck TalesRead Original Review PDF for Duck TalesPlatform GameCapcom90%
Gauntlet 2Read Original Review PDF for Gauntlet 2Arcade ConversionMindscape90%
Nintendo World CupRead Original Review PDF for Nintendo World CupSports GameNintendo33%
PaperboyRead Original Review PDF for PaperboyArcade ConversionMindscape30%
Sega Master System
Game TitlePDFGenrePublisherScore
California GamesRead Original Review PDF for California GamesSports GameSega93%
Dynamite DukeRead Original Review PDF for Dynamite DukeArcade ConversionSega79%
PacManiaRead Original Review PDF for PacManiaArcade ConversionTecmagik90%
StriderRead Original Review PDF for StriderPlatform GameSega67%
Nintendo Gameboy
Game TitlePDFGenrePublisherScore
Chase HQRead Original Review PDF for Chase HQDriving GameNintendo42%
ContraRead Original Review PDF for ContraPlatform GameKonami91%
RobocopRead Original Review PDF for RobocopPlatform GameOcean72%
Sega Megadrive
Game TitlePDFGenrePublisherScore
AeroblastersRead Original Review PDF for AeroblastersShoot 'Em UpKaneco80%
Dynamite DukeRead Original Review PDF for Dynamite DukeArcade ConversionSega79%
GynougRead Original Review PDF for GynougShoot 'Em UpNCS / Masaya88%
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