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Mean Machines Issue 5 - February 1991

Mean Machines Issue 5 - February 1991

Issue Summary

The Super Famicom/SNES hype machine was gathering speed by issue five, and Capcom's blockbuster arcade smash hit Final Fight was deemed worthy enough of being on the cover (thanks to Gary Harrod's pencils again). Also inside were tips on the game, which included little cartoon drawings of the characters, again by Mr Harrod. In fact he actually cheated a bit here as the drawings were printed in an earlier issue of Computer and Videogames (but only in black and white - here they were lovingly coloured in. He even kept inside the lines!).

Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion turned a few heads with its addictive gameplay and pant-wettingly gorgeous visuals. Imagine that - a Disney game that's actually good!

The NES and Gameboy were granted versions of Nintendo's take on the puzzle genre - Dr Mario. The game was good, but not quite in the same league as Tetris.

Finally the Master System had an uneventful few weeks - Sega's attempt to jazz-up their premier ninja franchise resulted in the dire Cyber Shinobi. Boo.


Reviews Summary

Nintendo Entertainment System
Game TitlePDFGenrePublisherScore
Bad DudesRead Original Review PDF for Bad DudesBeat 'Em UpData East39%
Dr MarioRead Original Review PDF for Dr MarioPuzzle GameNintendo88%
Ghostbusters 2Read Original Review PDF for Ghostbusters 2Platform GameNintendo57%
Gremlins 2Read Original Review PDF for Gremlins 2Platform GameNintendo87%
RescueRead Original Review PDF for RescueSimulationKemco41%
Sega Master System
Game TitlePDFGenrePublisherScore
Cyber ShinobiRead Original Review PDF for Cyber ShinobiPlatform GameSega58%
Dick Tracy Read Original Review PDF for Dick Tracy Platform GameSega77%
SpeedballRead Original Review PDF for SpeedballSports GameMirrorsoft79%
Nintendo Gameboy
Game TitlePDFGenrePublisherScore
Burai FighterRead Original Review PDF for Burai FighterShoot 'Em UpNintendo83%
Dr MarioRead Original Review PDF for Dr MarioPuzzle GameNintendo87%
Monster TrucksRead Original Review PDF for Monster TrucksDriving GameNintendo65%
Sega Megadrive
Game TitlePDFGenrePublisherScore
Crack DownRead Original Review PDF for Crack DownArcade ConversionSega84%
ESWAT: City Under SiegeRead Original Review PDF for ESWAT: City Under SiegePlatform GameSega87%
Mickey Mouse - Castle of IllusionRead Original Review PDF for Mickey Mouse - Castle of IllusionPlatform GameSega95%
Sword of SodanRead Original Review PDF for Sword of SodanBeat 'Em UpElectronic Arts59%
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