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Mean Machines Issue 3 - December 1990

Mean Machines Issue 3 - December 1990

Issue Summary

It was a bumper month for the Megadrive with some brilliant games being reviewed - the cover game John Madden being one of them. Thousands of Brits were introduced to the sport via this stunning title, and the game became something of a staff favourite at Mean Machine towers.

Super Monaco GP and Hellfire both scored into the ninties, and rightly so. Hellfire remains one of the best blasters for Sega's 16-bit machine - amazing when you consider how crusty and old it is. Sega's own super-deformed attempt to bring the famous Ghostbusters to the small screen was also given a somewhat lukewarm review.

Elsewhere, two versions of Robocop were reviewed - one on the NES (based on the first film) and one on the GX4000 (based on the second film). Surprisingly the GX4000 version came out on top, but only just. Both games were something of a letdown after the coverage given to them in the previous issue.

The GX4000 had it's best month yet (not hard) with the awesome Pang.


Reviews Summary

Nintendo Entertainment System
Game TitlePDFGenrePublisherScore
BatmanRead Original Review PDF for BatmanPlatform GameSunsoft87%
Blades of SteelRead Original Review PDF for Blades of SteelSports GameKonami79%
RobocopRead Original Review PDF for RobocopPlatform GameData East50%
Solar JetmanRead Original Review PDF for Solar JetmanShoot 'Em UpTradewest94%
World WrestlingRead Original Review PDF for World WrestlingSports GameTecmo85%
Sega Master System
Game TitlePDFGenrePublisherScore
Jungle FighterRead Original Review PDF for Jungle FighterPlatform GameSega72%
World Cup Italia 90Read Original Review PDF for World Cup Italia 90Sports GameSega51%
Nintendo Gameboy
Game TitlePDFGenrePublisherScore
BatmanRead Original Review PDF for BatmanPlatform GameSunsoft85%
NFL FootballRead Original Review PDF for NFL FootballSports GameNintendo43%
PaperboyRead Original Review PDF for PaperboyArcade ConversionNintendo67%
Sega Megadrive
Game TitlePDFGenrePublisherScore
Arnold Palmer's GolfRead Original Review PDF for Arnold Palmer's GolfSports GameSega83%
GhostbustersRead Original Review PDF for GhostbustersPlatform GameSega80%
HellfireRead Original Review PDF for HellfireShoot 'Em UpToaplan93%
John MaddenRead Original Review PDF for John MaddenSports GameElectronic Arts95%
Super Monaco GPRead Original Review PDF for Super Monaco GPDriving GameSega93%
Amstrad GX4000
Game TitlePDFGenrePublisherScore
Navy SealsRead Original Review PDF for Navy SealsPlatform GameOcean76%
PangRead Original Review PDF for PangPlatform GameOcean93%
Robocop 2Read Original Review PDF for Robocop 2Platform GameOcean74%
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