Oz Browne - Art Editor

What are you up to at the moment?

Art Director of Titan Publications.

How did you get involved in Mean Machines?

I was Junior Designer for all of Emap's game titles. In time I was promoted Art Editor on the exciting new launch of Mean Machines.

You and Gary Harrod were in charge of the magazine's design. What parts did you do, and what parts did gary do?

In terms of design we shared responsibilities. But Gary had more of a passion for games, so he got to design layouts for the best games. He also drew all the caricatures of Mean Machines crew, and illustrated many of our covers.

What was it like working on the magazine in the early years?

It was great fun. For the first 2 weeks of the month we got to play cool computer games and got invited to lots of game parties with free booze. On the last two weeks we worked our arses off to get the mag out on time.

When Mean Machines appeared, magazine design was still very primative compared to the publications we see today. However very few slickly presented magazines come close to capturing that unqiue feeling MM had. Were you given more freedom back then?

Back in the day we used a method called Paste-up. The only thing designed on computer was text and some headlines the rest was done by hand. This gave the mag a cool fanzine feel. We were allowed to be wacky and diverse to appeal to computer games market.

Do you have any interesting/amusing office tales?

Far too many drunken game parties. I'd rather not say because they are all too embarrassing.

You re-appeared in CVG in the mid-90s for a very short time, what was it like working on that magazine?

It was pretty cool because we're all mates.

What's your current console of choice?

Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow (xbox Live)

Do you still keep in touch with any of the other staff members?

Yes Rad, Dave Kelsall, Tom cocks, Paul Davies, Steve Key and many more. Still meet up at social events. And for the ones I don't see we keep in touch by emails.

Rad told me to ask you about 'Robocop's Prime Directives'?

That was the time when I got really pissed at the Xmas party. I was so violently ill that my work mates called an ambulance for me. When the paramedics turned up I was lying in a puddle of my own puke. One of them asked me for my name and address. And the only thing a managed to say was all of Robocop's Prime Directives!

The good old days.

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