Double Dragon Megadrive Blooper

By Daz Calvert - 20 Feb, 2006

The mean machines Q&A section could at times be quite brutal (that's leaving Mean Yob's comments aside for now!) This feature is dedicated to a classic response from good old Jazza Rignall.

In Issue 7 of our beloved gaming magazine my best mate at the time got a seemingly innocent question into Mean Machines published only to told Double Dragon was best played on the Master System to avoid a poke up the bum with a beef bayonet!

My old chum was devastated by this response, not only because his favourite game would not be coming out on the beloved 16-bit box of delights he got for Christmas that year but because his name was printed as Tristano when his real name lacked the O!

liono As my old gang were quite immature at the time we repayed Tristan's reasonable query with shouts of TRISTANO-HOOOOOOOO along the corridors of our high school. Needless to say he was not amused, at least for a little while it took the attention away from Darren Greenback (yeah cheers for buying me the green parka that winter Mum!!)

Many issues later in Issue 19 Double Dragon was finally released for the Megadrive. By that time none of us really cared, afterall we now had Streets of Rage and grey import Super Famicoms with Final Fight, and soon after the mighty Street Fighter II.

The early 90's was a great time to be a gamer. These were the days before the Internet were kids would search the pages of their favourite magazines to send a postal order to some random company in Market Bosworth or Hartlepool in exchange for what you hoped was the game you wanted.

Sometimes very little information was known about a title like the day I ordered Magical Flying Hat Turbo Adventure and was pleasantly rewarded for my adventurous step by getting my hands on a stunning little game in the mould of personal favourite from the Master System the classic Psycho Fox!

These were the days before pre-release screenshots and streaming video were shown across 1000 different gaming websites 2 years before the games release. A blurry screenshot scanned from Famitsu might be as close as you got to any information at all. There was certainly a magic about my childhood hobby as arcade classics were seemingly being released every other week for my latest console and getting me to part with my hard earned paper round money!

I yearn for those naive days were all you had to go on was a quarter page snippet in the previews section in Mean Machines, knowing the review would be some time away it was all the prompt that was needed to give Dream Machines 2 or Console Concepts a call and maybe throw £40 away on a turkey!

Most of the time when I took a chance even on the games that were later reviewed and got dire scores I found something good about them, heck I was stuck with them for months to come unless I could do a swift Del-boy stroke of genius in the playground to turn around my bad choice!

These days it certainly seems harder to approach potential gaming purchases without prejudice. I must remember to avoid that 'hype' thread the next time a game is coming out that I have my eye on! Hmmmmm on second thoughts, a quick peek wouldn't hurt would it??!

Ah the good old days!

Double Dragon Blooper

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