Jaz Joins the Retronauts to Discuss UK Games History

By Mean Machines Staff - 15 Jul, 2014



If you are looking for a nostalgia trip then the Retronauts podcast is always a good place to go.

This week's edition of the podcast features none other than Julian 'Jazza' Rignall who joins the regular American retro podcasters to wax lyrical about the UK gaming scene in the '80s and the '90s.

Jaz offers a lot of insight into the gaming scene at the time, from early micro computers through to the rise of Japanese 16-bit consoles. It's also refreshing to find that all those years of living in the US of A hasn't impacted on Jaz's British accent much... even if he does now say ZEE rather than ZED!

You can check out Retronauts Vol. III Episode 25 here!

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