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By Mean Machines Staff - 16 Nov, 2012

Check us out!

Check us out!

If you follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook, you’ll have no doubt seen us blurting out a seemingly never-ending stream of little square images before your very eyes.

Worry not, this isn’t Mean Yob’s fiendish plan to crash your browser - we’re just using Instagram to share the beloved pages of Mean Machines with you.

Follow @meanmachinesmag on Instagram and you’ll see delights such as review snippets, reader fan-art, ads from companies which haven’t existed since the 90s and lots more surprising stuff you have probably forgotten about!

We recently nuked our forums as nobody really uses it anymore apart from annoying spammers, but if you ever want to have a bit of banter, you can hit us up on your favourite social network:

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