Mean Machines SEGA - Mega-CD VHS Promo

By Daz Calvert - 05 Sep, 2012

Here's a blast from the past! Issue one of Mean Machines SEGA came bundled with a cover-mounted VHS cassette featuring all the cool stuff with SEGA were going to release in upcoming months on the Mega-CD.

One of our readers who goes by the name of RetroGamerTim on Twitter has been kind enough to upload the video to YouTube so you can enjoy this all over again, or for the first time if you were more of a Nintendo Magazine System fan back in the days.



Barkman - 07 Sep 2012, 09:25 GMT

Wow! This is such a blast from the past, I remember watching this over and over until I finally got my Mega CD, and unlike most I wasnt disappointed! I loved the machine.

Jaz's Sheep - 14 Sep 2012, 12:03 GMT

Think I've still got my VHS cassette of this somewhere.

The Mr Plow ad always reminded me of this.......

Andee - 19 Oct 2012, 14:02 GMT

God yes I remember this utterly cheesetastic video (Kris Kros, really??), and fancying the hell out of the woman at the start -- I wonder how her career panned out?

Paul - 22 Dec 2012, 01:42 GMT

Thankks for linking to this video, been years since I'd seen it.

Not sure if you're aware but someones uploaded the Street Fighter player guide that NMS did.

Check it out:

Tim Chuma - 22 May 2013, 10:49 GMT

I remember there being two different VHS tapes released on the cover of the magazine, I had to convince my parents to give me extra to buy them as they temporarily raised the cost of the magazine quite high $10+ AUD at the time. I had everything including all the give away toys, Jazza figurine and glow in the dark monster stickers in a box at my parents which was tossed when they moved. I couldn't take it all home as I was taking the train home at the time.

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