Mean Machines to Return?

By Damien McFerran - 19 Jul, 2012

A new dawn awaits?

A new dawn awaits?

In what could be the biggest piece of news since records began, Julian Rignall has confirmed that his is looking to resurrect the legendary Mean Machines brand.

Speaking in an exclusive interview - due to appear in the next issue of Retro Gamer magazine (106) - Rignall had this to say:

"I finally managed to get hold of the URL a month or so ago - the .com URL is locked up by Hasbro for some American toy brand it still owns, so this is the next best thing. Rich Leadbetter and I have been talking about what we should do with it, and we've got some very interesting ideas.

"I think the easiest thing to do for now is perhaps a Podcast (perhaps with Gary Harrod if he's interested) and some short, but fun editorial pieces of a retro focus. Nothing big - just something fun for those who remember the era. If there's sufficient interest, we could keep on developing it."

So there you have it, direct from the man himself: Mean Machines could well be back in your lives, albeit in a slightly different format to how you remember. Make sure you pick up issue 106 of Retro Gamer to read the full interview, which covers all of Rignall's career and includes info on what he's up to now.

Now if you'll just excuse us, we've got to go and change our underpants. Ahem.

Michael - 20 Jul 2012, 06:42 GMT

Ressurection of the greatest games mag in history? Yes please! I'll be eagerly watching this space!

butanebob - 25 Jul 2012, 02:25 GMT

Hell yeah, a podcast would be perfect!

Jono - 03 Aug 2012, 11:55 GMT

I would love to see this come to light! Hopefully if it does it’ll last longer then Jazza’s recent attempts at Playotron…no updates in over 2 months – what’s up with that? Shouldn’t start projects if you don’t have adequate time to maintain/complete them…

Jaz's Sheep - 29 Aug 2012, 10:40 GMT

*Masturbates furiously*

We're in desperate need of opinions like Jaz's & Rich's nowadays - IGN, Gamespot, etc. - they rate games solely based on status and their reviews are 90% wrong.

Then you have Metacritic which is drowned out by drongos and fanboys.

Jaz & co should get back to reviewing modern games Mean Machines stylee - given a few years they'd blitz IGN ect.

Richy G - 10 Sep 2012, 20:31 GMT

I'd buy THAT for a dollar...! Great news. :)

JamieO - 11 Sep 2012, 18:43 GMT

This interview is such a treat for fans of retro gaming magazines, giving us the chance to hear Jaz's memories from Zzap!64 to C&VG, The Complete Guide to Consoles and of course, Mean Machines.

It was great reading him reminiscing about the early days of the 1983 C&VG championship. I also thought he hit the nail on the head, when he mentions that he thought Mean Machines SEGA and Nintendo Magazine System reached a point where they would have benefited from an overhaul, to keep them feeling fresh.

This interview is also another reminder of how much of a shame and missed opportunity it was when GamePro was not given the chance to flourish, last year.

The layout of 'In the chair with...' including the timeline, plus 'Number Crunching' and 'Five to Play' boxouts, work well here too. There are class photos with this article, including Jaz snapped with a celebrity or two.

It's worth mentioning there are only a couple of days before Retro Gamer Issue 107 is out, so pick this mag up sharpish, although you can still buy Issue 106 online through the Imagine shop.

NintendoLegend - 11 Sep 2012, 19:09 GMT


Rudeboi - 30 Sep 2013, 00:18 GMT

Get fryin them dingo kidneys boi!!!!

Jaz's Sheep - 05 Nov 2013, 14:50 GMT

I've still got a stiffy, but I'm struggling like buggery to keep it up for much longer.

Please lads, return and let us ejac.

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