Julian Rignall Launches New Video Games Blog

By Damien McFerran - 25 Jan, 2012

The great man himself

The great man himself

As some of you may be aware (and those who aren't can blame our hideously out-dated staff bio section), Julian Rignall recently took over as the big cheese at popular US magazine (and of course website) GamePro.

Rignall had massive plans for the veteran publication, and in 2011 re-launched both the magazine and the website in spectacular fashion.

Sadly, in a particularly shambling example of short-sightedness, the company that owns GamePro pulled the plug just before Christmas, leaving Rignall to seek fresh challenges.

One of which is running his own video games blog, where he imparts his valued opinion on topics ranging from classic retro controllers to why the PS Vita's future isn't as bleak as many would have you believe.

The blog itself has the rather catchy title of Playotron, and is well worth bookmarking in your browser. Which we're sure you’ve already done, purely because of Jazza’s association.

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