DoDonPachi Resurrection Hits 360

By Damien McFerran - 11 Nov, 2011

Bullet hell goodness on UK 360s!

Bullet hell goodness on UK 360s!

Bullet hell. The term may sound positively painful, but it describes what is arguably the zenith of the shoot ‘em up genre; a seemingly unstoppable wall of projectiles that requires the player to not only navigate their way to safety, but also return fire in the process.

The company that has popularised (and some might say is responsible for) this manic genre is Cave. Formed from the ashes of arcade favourite Toaplan (the team behind such 16-bit classics as Zero Wing, Hellfire and Tatsujin), Cave is one of the last great shoot ‘em up development studios. Over the past decade the firm has released such seminal coin-op titles as Deathsmiles, Mushihime-sama Futari and DoDonPachi Resurrection - all of which have been duly converted to the Japanese Xbox 360.

Deathsmiles has already been given a release in the UK, and now the sublime DoDonPachi Resurrection has followed suit. This vertically-scrolling blaster is bullet hell at its finest, but it’s not a totally one-sided contest; your own ship is packing some truly fearsome firepower, and can fill the entire screen with a red-hot column of laser death.

The company we have to thank for the UK release of both Deathsmiles and DonDonPachi Resurrection is Rising Star Games. Committed to bringing the best Japanese titles to English-speaking gamers, Rising Star has a track record of quality localisation, providing full-colour manuals and limited edition packaging. For example, DoDonPachi Resurrection comes with a music CD containing the tracks from the game, so you can tap your toes to the infectious sounds without even having to play the game itself.

If you’re a shooter fan then this really is a no-brainer - you need to own this game. Don’t be dissuaded from making the purchase purely because DoDonPachi Resurrection is already available on Apple’s iPhone - playing it on a HD telly with a proper pad is so different that they may as well be totally separate games. DoDonPachi Resurrection looks jaw-droppingly gorgeous in high definition, and this is clearly the way it should be experienced. It’s also worth noting that the 360 version has robust online modes, with leaderboards providing all the impetuous you need to slavishly play the game to destruction.

It’s really vital that Rising Star gets your support with releases like this. If DoDonPachi Resurrection finds the audience it so clearly deserves, then Rising Star will be encouraged to bring other Cave games to the UK, as well as titles from other Japanese developers. Do the right thing - pick this up now. We’ve even included some links to Amazon, Play and ShopTo - just to make the purchasing process even easier for you.

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