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By Damien McFerran - 19 Sep, 2010



As many of your will probably already know (although not if you've been using our badly out of date staff biogs as a guide), Julian Rignall now works at Future Publishing's American arm. He's there to do what he unquestionably does best - launch magazines.

He's already enjoyed massive success with the official World of Warcraft publication and has now turned his attention to the arena of multi-format video game magazines - which is an arena he has some considerable experience in, we think it's fair to say.

The tome in question is called @GAMER and it's US store Best Buy's official magazine. Rignall is rightly proud of his efforts, going as far as to say: "I think you can see some of the original MM-type DNA somewhere in there. Ie, less white space than most mags, more pictures and not lots of long-winded crap." He certainly has a point; from a purely personal perspective we think it looks a lot like the classic EMAP mags of old, especually the Paul Davies-era CVG.

Sadly UK-based Jazza fans will struggle to get hold of a copy, but it's encouraging to see Jazza once again stepping into the world of multi-format gaming mags - even if it's not in an editorial capacity.

Jamie O'Neill - 22 Sep 2010, 18:43 GMT

This is brilliant news, for Jaz to have any involvement in a multi-format magazine is music to the ears of fans of Mean Machines, even if he is not the editor.

My main thoughts now are whether or not a UK gamer could find a way of getting hold of @GAMER, by way of a subscription to the US, or by ordering back issues. I would pay the necessary prices to get my hands on a mag which Jazza has launched and which has the original Mean Machines eye-catching design and brash humour based DNA.

The geek in me would love to somehow be able to get hold of the first issue, although note that this is not a sneaky li'l request comment to The Mean Machines Archive, or anyone who knows Jazza, to help me get a copy.

I am more hoping that @GAMER's publishers, Future Publishing, are already making it possible for gamers outside the US to be able to subscribe to this mag. Alternatively, I wonder if further down the line they would release an iPhone App, or CD Rom of their content, like Imagine publishers does with gamesTM and Retro Gamer.

After all, there are many fans of Mean Machines and its presentation and writing style in the UK and Europe, still around today. I doubt that I'm the only one who would like to get hold of a read of @GAMER.

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