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By Damien McFerran - 26 Apr, 2010

Issue one - the birth of a legend!

Issue one - the birth of a legend!

Those of you who happen to frequent our brilliant forum will be aware of Meppi and his commendable efforts to preserve the history of video game magazines.

He's been scanning in copies of Official Sega Saturn Magazine and Maximum for ages, and has now moved his attention to other publications - including the original 24-issue print run of Mean Machines.

Why would you need these scans when you have your beloved Mean Machines Archive, we hear you cry? For one simple reason: Meppi is a perfectionist. His scans look as colourful, clean and vibrant as the day the issues originally rolled off the printing press; this man is a master with a scanner. 

You can check out the Mean Machines section here. Meppi will be posting more issues up as he scans them, so keep checking back.

Jaz's Sheep - 26 May 2010, 13:47 GMT


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