Twitter Tomfoolery

By Damien McFerran - 05 Apr, 2010

Tweet away!

Tweet away!

If you're a savvy net user then chances are you'll already be aware of the social networking site Twitter, which allows people to bore each other senseless with the tiniest details of their empty and soulless lives - and all in 140 characters or less!

Proving once again that they're on the pulse of modern tech, several of our former Mean Machines staffers have embraced the art of Tweeting".

Richard Leadbetter, for example, tweets under the title Digital Foundry which is of course his company name.

Fairy-lover and Mean Machines art editor Gary Harrod is also in on the act, posting his game-related musings under the moniker HARRODGOSSIP (sorry about the caps, don't blame us).

Even Mean Machines launch editor and all-round media legend Julian Rignall is on Twitter. He now works in the US for Future Publishing and has recently launched a World of Warcraft-themed mag - hence his Twitter name Jaz_WoWMagazine.

Not wanting to seen as old-fashioned, MM columnist and agony aunt Mean Yob has also signed up, so you can keep abreast of all MMA-related news by following his account. You lucky, lucky people.

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