Maverick Magazines Vault is Opened

By Damien McFerran - 12 Mar, 2010

Mega Drive Advanced Gaming

Mega Drive Advanced Gaming

Long-time fans of the site who happen to visit our forums on a regular basis will already know Meppi.

He's the guy who scans in old magazines - mainly stuff like EMAP's Maximum and Sega Saturn Magazine (both of which were edited by Mean Machines' Richard Leadbetter) - and then distributes them online for the consumption of the general public.

Well today he's confirmed something quite special - he has gained the permission of Marverick Magazines/Gollner Magazines publisher Hugh Gollner to scan the company's entire back catalogue. He will be putting these efforts online via his Out-of-Print Archive site.

Here's what Meppi has to say about this incredible event:

"This week brings a very special surprise to the Out-of-Print Archive fans.

Today we are finally ready to reveal that some time ago, we have been granted the privilege to release the back catalogue of magazines from both Gollner Publishing as well as Maverick Magazines, thanks to Hugh Gollner himself.

To clarify a bit, this means magazines such as Amiga Action, ST Action, Mega Drive Advanced Gaming, PC Player and Super Control, as well as a good chunk of MEGA and MegaTech issues, among several others."

We'll be covering Meppi's efforts a lot closer in the near the future so keep an eye on the site and the forums!

JamieO - 12 Mar 2010, 22:16 GMT

Whoa, great news! I have a few copies of the mags listed, paticularly Super Control, but they have not been very well taken care of. I just wish that my crappy old laptop and PC hard drives were not filled with so much garbage, I have not been able to download one of Meppi's scans for ages.

I need to give them a Spring clean, or invest in an external hard drive, there are too many goodies coming up in the future to miss.

Cheers Damo and great work, Meppi and the Out-of-Print Archive. :)

meppi - 15 Mar 2010, 17:03 GMT

Thanks JamieO. ;)
Happy to see you're still around btw. :)
External HDD are pretty much cheap as chips today so it shouldn't be much of a problem I think. And there are always the online features to read if everything else fails. Although that's only a very small section of any magazine.

The release of MAG2 was actually a full team effort where Neil, Carl and myself all did our part on. And Neil was responsible for contacting Hugh Gollner.

Right now I'm working on something not so secret, but none the less something that pretty much everyone who visits this site will sure to appreciate. The only way to be more obvious would be to mention the magazines name directly. ;)

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