Rich Gets To Grips With Natal

By Damien McFerran - 26 Aug, 2009

Rich tries out Microsoft's new tech

Rich tries out Microsoft's new tech

As you may already be aware, former EMAP legend Richard Leadbetter (also known as the Phonebox fiend during his time with Mean Machines magazine) now runs Digital Foundry, a company that specialises in HD video capture for the video game industry.

His company is now allied with web behemoth EuroGamer, where he posts regular tech comparisons that are essentially the 21st century equivalent of the SNES vs. Mega Drive arguments that propagated school playgrounds back in the early ‘90s.

Leadbetter recently got to sample Microsoft’s new Natal motion-sensing kit, and in this exclusive report you can even view video footage of him having a go.

Natal has got us pretty excited but nothing can compare to seeing a former Mean Machines staff member hit an imaginary ball in a video running at 20% speed.

buzz_clik - 27 Aug 2009, 08:45 GMT

Awesome! Thanks, Damo.

I don't know what's more surreal... the fact that Rich looks like someone's dad these days, that he's involved in the exciting Natal or the way his hand wobbles like an alien appendage at the end.

P.S. I swear the dad thing wasn't a diss, Rich!

JamieO - 31 Aug 2009, 13:26 GMT

It is cool to hear what all those legendary EMAP people are up to now. I still read their coverage in all my old mags today, so the words of gaming writers like Richard Leadbetter conjure up over a decade of nostalgia for me (from C&VG to Mean Machines and OSSM). Cheers for the feature Damien.

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