Rad's 31st - Two Years Late

By Damien McFerran - 09 Oct, 2007

GASP! The hair is no more!

GASP! The hair is no more!

We like to think we do our research here at the Mean Machines Archive. Whilst chatting aimlessly about rubbish on Googlechat the other day, me and Daz hit upon the current fate of everyone's favourite 'jammy bastard' Radion Automatic. What is he up to, when not reviewing Spiderman 3?

To find out, Daz put his best internet search engine trousers on and discovered this. Yes, these are photos from Ed's 31st birthday bash, way back in the dark days of 2005! We're assuming he doesn't mind them being posted here as they're plastered on the net anyway.

Of course he'll be 33 now. Does that make anyone else feel really, really old?

mjharris - 03 Aug 2009, 09:55 GMT

is it just me or rad really is peter crouch?

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