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Computer and Video Games magazineOne of the longest running videogame publications in the world, CVG started in the early 80’s. By the end of the decade the magazine was moving away from home computers such as the Spectrum and C64 and was focusing on the newly emerging console battle between Sega and Nintendo.

Around this time Julian Rignall joined the staff and quickly worked his way up to the position of editor. He took the ‘Mean Machines’ section of the magazine (which covered consoles) and decided to expand it into a proper magazine (no prizes for guessing the name of that publication). Whilst with CVG Rignall also produced ‘The Complete Guide to Consoles’ series, which ran for four issues and covered all the biggest releases of the time on the Master System, NES, PC Engine, Gameboy and Megadrive.

CVG’s fortunes rose and fell over the next 15 or so years, with Paul Davies (of Mean Machines Sega/Nintendo Magazine System fame) spearheading a glorious revival in the mid-90’s. Unfortunately his hard work was ultimately undone by the money men at EMAP who were desperate to appeal to as many readers as possible. In the process they watered down the magazine and it began to hemorrhage readers on a monthly basis. EMAP eventually sold the magazine to Dennis publishing, who in turn sold it Future. Future ceased production of CVG and relauched the brand as a website, which still runs today.

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