Paul Glancey

Paul Glancey - Contributor

Paul had written for Zzap!64 and CVG before contributing a few reviews to Mean Machines (Wrestle War in Issue 9 was the first). Like Rignall and Leadbetter, he tended to appear in both EMAP magazines at the same time (EMAP worked their staff hard).

He went on to launch Megatech - the first UK Megadrive magazine. This was an impressive publication, but simply couldn't find a place in the market and folded fairly quickly. Like many of his co-workers he left the field of videogames journalism and moved into the business itself by becoming a Game Evaluator at publisher Eidos.

He currently works as Creative Director at UK Studio Criterion, the rather clever boffins behind the best-selling Burnout series and 'gun porn' shooter Black.

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