Matt Regan

Matt Regan - Staff Writer

Matt was one of the original team that launched the magazine - he and Julian started off as the two main reviewers. According to the first issues' editorial, he was a keen Amiga player before joining the magazine and being ‘converted’ to consoles. However his heart wasn’t really in it and after a few issues it was obvious he couldn’t get excited about consoles. Many of Matt’s review comments were actually penned by Richard Leadbetter as Gary Harrod didn't have time to create Rich in cartoon form until issue 9.

He left in issue 9. He reappeared in fellow EMAP publications Sinclair User and PC Leisure, then joined PC Format magazine. Matt recently got in touch to fill us in on his current whereabouts:

"I ended up back in the classroom after EMAP, and qualified as a barrister, getting called to the Bar in 1996. However I moved into consultancy after some time in the legal world and am now the director of a firm of management consultants in London, which is an exciting challenge. I'm still happily married to my wife, and my son's just successfully finished his A-Levels."

Matt's company is Xantra Limited.

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