Radion Automatic

Radion Automatic - Staff Writer

Radion Automatic (real name Edward Laurence) was actually a reader of the magazine selected by Rignall to join the team as a staff writer.

He started sending in zany comic strips, two of which appeared in the letters pages. After the first strip was sent in, Jaz tried to locate the whereabouts of this strange character - but because he was using a different name, he couldn't contact him. Thankfully Radion actually phoned the MM offices a few days after the publication of the second strip and asked if they'd like a third. It was then that Rignall asked Rad to submit a test review, which met with Rich and Julian's approval. A few days later, he was in and part of the MM team. As Jazza himself put it, Rad could be described as "a dead spawny git who's jammier than a Robinson's factory at peak production".

Whilst writing for MM he also contributed to Sinclair User (along with Tom Guise, Garth Sumpter, Steve Keen and Paul Davies of CVG) up until it was forced to close in 1993. After working on MM he continued to write for NMS and Mean Machines Sega.

I've been informed by Ed Lomas (he formally of CVG fame) that Rad then moved onto men's magazines, and wrote for Select, FHM and Jack. Jack was the last magazine he wrote for and that recently folded.

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