Tony Takoushi

Tony Takoushi - Creator

Tony started at 80's magazine 'Big K' but this didn't generate the readership required to sustain it and it quickly folded. Tony moved onto CVG, which was at this point looking at featuring consoles as well as home computers. Tony suggested the idea of a section in CVG that was devoted to the new flood of Japanese consoles such as the NES and Master System. Mean Machines was born. The section was a massive success and Tony scored some high-profile scoops for CVG - the first UK sighting of NEC's now legendary PC Engine console being one of them. When Tony eventually left the magazine Julian Rignall took over the popular console section and turn it into the mutliformat magazine event of the early 90's - but you can read about that elsewhere.

After parting company with CVG Tony was involved in a number of projects - one of the biggest was European Product Manager at Sega Europe, where he was part of the team that oversaw the release of Sonic 2 - one of the biggest releases at the time. Tony was also successful as Head of Development Services at UK studio Codemasters. He now lives in Australia.

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